North Lincolnshire SENDIASS

Young People 16-25

How can SENDIASS help?

SENDIASS gives information, advice and support to young people up to age 25 about disabilities or special educational needs.

Our service is impartial. This means we will not tell you what to do and we will not take sides, we will give you the information and support to help you make your own choices.

What can SENDIASS me help with?

SENDIASS can help you get the right kind of:

  • support at school, college or training
  • health services
  • care and support
  • information on your rights and choices
  • information on transition and preparing for adulthood
  • help to find opportunities to get involved in the things you like
  • advice if you disagree with your parents or other people on a big decision

How do I ask for help?

You can call us on: 01724 277665 (Leave a message on our voicemail machine)

You can email us at: or contact us HERE
You can ask your parents, carers or a teacher to contact us. 

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